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mic150_k1 - MIC 150 Bacterial Genetics EXAM 1 Power of...

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M IC 150 - 1 - Exam 1 Key W'09 M IC 150 Bacterial Genetics E XAM 1: Power of Bacterial Genetics; Lateral Gene Transfer Tuesday, January 29, 10:30 a. m. ANSWER KEY Question Test Form A Test Form B 1. D D 2. C C 3. B A 4. A B 5. B B 6. C A 7. B C 8. A D 9. D B 10. D C 11. B D 12. D B 13. D B 14. B D 15. C D 16. D D 17. A C 18. B D 19. C D 20. D D
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M IC 150 - 2 - Exam 1 Key W'09 Name: Answer Key ___ I authorize the instructor to distribute this graded paper publicly. ___ Do not distribute this graded paper publicly. Part B. Short Answer (10 points total) Be succinct: confine your answers to the boxes provided on this page. Do not write any part of your answer on the back of the page. Write neatly. Turn in only this page. 21a: Mixed populations contain individuals from different competence phero- groups. Quorum-sensing controls competence within a given pherogroup. When one pherogroup becomes competent, its members make CpbD protein to attack and lyse cells from other pherogroups. These lysed cells provide a rich source of Streptococcal DNA for attacker cell transformation.
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