MIC 101 grading rubric Spring 2010

MIC 101 grading rubric Spring 2010 - Sketches of the lab...

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MIC 101 Lab TA: Julita Madejska Lab Notebook Grading (Transit and Exit Visa, Lab Notebook , and Entry Visa) 1. Please write out each question fully, and below it, the answer. 2. Be familiar with correct terminology of Genus and Species: When writing, capitalize Genus, use lower case for species, and underline: S. epidermidis or E.coli 3. Pay attention to correct spelling, especially S. epidermidis (not S. epidermis) 4. Follow directions: Use labeled sketches (explain the image) when instructions say to do so. 5. All grading will be done in whole units. For example, the Entry Visa asks for labeled
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Unformatted text preview: Sketches of the lab and waste cart. If the eyewash is missing in the sketches, one point will be taken off. 6. Lab Notebooks are due at 1:10 sharp, but will be accepted late with a 5 point deduction the first time, 10 point the second, 15 point the third, and so on. Other Recommendations: Lab is very straightforward, however takes some prep time (before coming into lab, Lab notebooks). Please come prepared. Most importantly, Have fun!...
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