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Carleton University Department of Systems and Computer Engineering SYSC 4005/5001 Discrete Event System Simulation and Modeling Homework #5 (Due April 9) This homework is optional as we discussed in class! I will give up to 20 points as a bonus towards the final grade. Students who did not do well in the second in class exam may try to improve their performance. 1) We consider the simple queue of figure 1. Arrivals are Poisson with a mean of λ =0.4 arrivals per hour and the service time is exponential with mean μ -1 =2 hours. Assume that ar time 0 the system is empty. a) Run a simulation of the system for 120 hours. Estimate the probability that the system is empty (i.e. the proportion of time there are no customers in the system). Also findthe avarage number of customers in the system. For the estimation of the two quantities above run R=4 independent replications each one lasting 120 hours. b) Repeat (a) but divide each replication in batches of 12 hours each. Collect your statistics in each batch and tabulate your results. Decide upon discarding the data of the first few batches in each replication so
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