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NOTE: Write your answers in space provided below. Use the back of the page for calculations. Back of page will not be checked or graded. Student N arne: Student #: Carleton University Department ofSystems and Computer Engineering SYSC40051500 1 Computer Networks, Preliminary Exam January 27 2010, 6:00pm-6:30pm You are given a sequence of packet arrival times and their corresponding service times. These packets arrive to a single server FIFO queue. laDle A.llI i>er(erltage Points at' The Student's I Dfw'nutio, w,th v De9re~,> of Freedom 1. Make a graph showing the number of packets in the system 2. Find the mean number of packets in the system I ~e~~~"\~1r: 3. The mean sample packet delay and the estimated sample st. deviation (t ~~ s ~~ ...... )J. . . '." (fill in the table below) ~D 7e.1- -t (."'. ... S vr . ~;%. 4. Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the mean delay ~ V"pll. ~ 0 '. I C - --. .... .. -
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