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Student Name and Number: Carleton University Department ofSystems and Computer Engineering SYSC4005/500 1 Simulation of Discrete Event Systems First In Class Exam (6:00pm -7:30pm) February 22,2010 PLEASE write clearly and concisely. Separate the booklet in two parts corresponding to each of the problems below and show clearly where your solution. Only the solution part will be graded! Exam is closed book. One double sided page with notes is allowed. Calculators are allowed. sl and s2 are independent and identically distributed with the distribution as in table 2. Problem 1 (55%) Perform a manual simulation for the two-processor system shown below. Incoming packet inter-arrival times are assumed independent of each other and distributed as in table 1. We assume that the buffer has finite capacity and can store only one packet. Arriving packets that find the buffer occupied are departing from the system and assumed blocked (Le. lost). Service times in processors Table 1 ~~times.~ __ +\~1_s_ec ____ ~. __ 1~2_s_e_c _______ t~3_se_·c _______ ~1~4_s~e~c--~----t-5~se~c-------~ , Probability . 0.50 . 0.20 . 0.05 . 0.20 . 0.05 Table 2 ~~f;:~~--- -J-~~;~--~_r~~;~ __ ==r~~;r-3~3~==:J We assume that 7 packets arrive and we simulate the system till it empties. When both processors are available processor one is used first. a) (5%) Generate the necessary inter-arrival, actual arrival and service times for all packets and fill the table. The service times and inter-arrival times are derived by using the inverse c.d.f. technique discussed in class, For this you use random numbers in {O,I) that are shown in the next tables. Packet I Random no. for .-.~-~.- I Random no. for Inter-arrival Arrival times Service times no. i inter-arrival time times service time .-~.-- I 0.13 I 0.31 4 5 0.61 c- 0.71 c. 0.95 '" 0040 0.15 3 . _ 'tLq. b) (10%) Plot the number ofpackets as a function oftime '-'-"'-'c supplied graph paper) and determine the average number of packets in the system. Make sure that you discard the packets that are blocked (lost). c)
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This note was uploaded on 04/16/2010 for the course SCE sysc5001 taught by Professor Lambadaris during the Winter '10 term at Carleton CA.

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5001midterm_2010_solutions - Student Name and Number C...

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