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SYSC4005-5001 : Practice problems for second exam The exam will cover material from Input modelling, Verification and Validation, Output modelling and related techniques. The exam will have three problems and will contain a different portion for undergraduate and graduate students. Here are suggestions and sample problems. 1) Consider a packet multiplexer. Packets arrive according to a Poisson with mean λ =0.9 packet arrivals/sec and the mean processor service time is 1 sec. Totally 4 replications were performed and each replication consisted of 100 batches. The quantity that was estimated was the multiplexer processor utilization (in %) and the observations are shown in the following table : Server Utilization % Replication Batches 1-25 Batches 26-50 Batches 51-75 Batches 76-100 1 93 93 85 88 2 94 95 92 87 3 95 77 84 92 4 96 87 90 85 a) Provide a 90% confidence interval for the server utilization b) If we want to determine the true utilization within a range +/-1% of the sample mean
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Unformatted text preview: utilization,how many replications should we perform approximatelly with 90% confidence? c) In c) above how many batches should we include in each replication, if we decide to use only 4 replications? Explain d) Explain what are the implications of initial conditions for running a simulation. How can initial conditions affest the results we get from the simulation? How would you select the initial conditions for the above mentioned problem and why? Finally, how would you determine how may initial batches to remove from the simulation in order to lessen the bias due to initial conditions? 2) Good problems from the verification and validation module (Chapter 10) may be exercises 1,2,3 at the end of the chapter. Problems are the same in both 4th and 5th edition from the book. 3) Finally study the notes and the homeworks (especially the undergrads) since one problem may be directly related to such material!...
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