solution_quiz_2009 - .J I.c-t'H~tJ,Ie t.Int ClnS&& Ix...

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Unformatted text preview: --. . '.J . I .c-t.'H~tJ.,Ie t:.Int.. ClnS&&/, Ix J.f~£~' (u~m(JlIuIe;:'~/, le,.J. +0 r",,,, 'ck'~J~ ;;IM... lot-lidtfL L.-t. I/" - l &:eIl'VI £l S L'~ I.t el1 np e Student Name: Student #: au,'z !,IIA n'~~ Carleton University Department ofSystems and Computer Engineering SYSC400S/S00 IComputer Networks, Preliminary Exam January 27 2009, S:30-S:S0pm a) (20 points) State Little's Law and explain its significance. b) (20 points) Apply Litlle's law in the server of the node shown in the following picture and calculate the expected occupancy p (also known as the utilization) of the server as a function of A. and I!- A Packets/sec -7 -~~---'~ ~ > ~ Packets/sec c) (20 points) Derive the mean and variance of the Bernoulli and the binomial distribution. d) (20 points) State the Weak Law of Large Numbers and why it is important for simulation studies. e) (20 points) If X is a standard Gaussian find the Prob( -2<=X<=J). Use the supplied table. Use the front and the back of the page for your answers! Lili _ __ O(~-~I;:;- .r: ~~') '] Ju :... ~- a _ . _ __ 111)0 U.OI Ol'~ 00' 1).i)oJ -- -'----_....
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This note was uploaded on 04/16/2010 for the course SCE sysc5001 taught by Professor Lambadaris during the Winter '10 term at Carleton CA.

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solution_quiz_2009 - .J I.c-t'H~tJ,Ie t.Int ClnS&& Ix...

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