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Grammar - 14 While we were cooking the horses broke free 15...

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Pocket Style Manual Treasure Hunt Identify the problem in the sentence and put down the page number of the relevant section in your Pocket Style Manual. Then repair the sentence. 1. If we pass the placement test with a satisfactory score. 2. You could drop the English class; but you’ll regret it someday. 3. Rushing to the post office, my bicycle hit a woman. 4. Kim passed the answers to Christine and I. 5. Emily and me always laugh at the same jokes. 6. My first visit to New York will always be remembered by me. 7. The class which at first had been talkative grew more and more bored. 8. The TV networks or the government are the source of the conspiracy. 9. 9). The spelling of words change over time. 10. When the teacher asked for a volunteer, each student raised their hand. 11. The research paper is due at this point in time. 12. She likes to eat gourmet food, to play classical music and buying fancy clothes. 13. Reading self-help books had an affect on her personality.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. While we were cooking the horses broke free. 15. Climbing out of the car, the clothes made me feel awkward. 16. Everyone brought their lunch. 17. “This tastes terrible” Chris said. 18. There are many people that are coming to class late. 19. People, who live in glass houses, should not throw stones. 20. Stephen King’s novels were entertaining, they are full of adventure. 21. The coach watched us practice dribbling, shooting and the pass. 22. The reason I have no money for the time being is that I lost my job 23. A person’s appearance is their own business. 24. The car was hardly worth trading, the frame was twisted and warped. 25. When I was ready to eat my cat jumped onto the table. 26. The problems for her father and I began before the divorce. 27. The holiday season effects my mood. 28. The student that won the contest went to Hawaii. 29. She heard the applause for Bill and she. 30. For who does the bell toll?...
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Grammar - 14 While we were cooking the horses broke free 15...

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