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Spartacus: A Slave Stands Tall Junior Group Exhibit We began our topic search by browsing the Internet. We checked such sites as the DK E- Encyclopedia and Think Quest and we went to homework portals that took us to history sites. We were looking for a good idea. Adam is interested in animal welfare, so he suggested the history of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. But we discovered that it was founded after the date required by our school. Colin is interested in medicine, so we looked at the
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history of smallpox vaccination. But it was difficult to find information. Colin also suggested a revolt of Jews against Romans, but that seemed very broad. We tried looking at people who fought pirates, but that also was too big a topic. On the night before the deadline, we were skimming the Internet again when we thought of gladiators because we were studying ancient Rome in history class. Adam typed in “gladiator revolts” and found information on a man named Spartacus, who broke out of gladiator slave camp and fought for the gladiators’ freedom. It was
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process paper - S partacus:ASlaveStandsTall Junior...

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