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Bloods Executive Statement - Adam Federman Mr. DeWitt...

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Adam Federman Mr. DeWitt Sociology 12 April 2010 Executive Statement: The Bloods and the United Blood Nation For years, streets, neighborhoods, and lives across the United States have been threatened by various gangs and gang crime. Although many gangs have made themselves known to the public, one gang in particular insights fear at the mention of its name: The Bloods. The Bloods originated around the same time in two separate parts of the United States. In 1971, the streets of West Coast were in chaos, plagued with warfare between various gangs. Death, violence, drugs, and crime ruled the underground society. The Bloods made their first appearance on Piru Street of Compton, California. During a heated internal gang war within the notorious organization, The Crips, a group called the Piru Street Boys split from the main faction of the Crips and declared independence. Over time, they allied with other smaller gangs and labeled themselves “The Bloods.” Earning money through the purchase and sale of drugs, the Bloods slowly increased their numbers through recruiting campaigns, though they still faced a serious deficit in numbers against their rivals, The Crips. Because the Bloods could not gather
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Bloods Executive Statement - Adam Federman Mr. DeWitt...

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