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Russia Study Guide2 - Russia Study Guide Alexander II...

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4/13/05 Russia Study Guide Alexander II: Reform-minded czar assassinated by student revolutionaries who wanted faster change, in 1881. He had issued Emancipation Edict in 1861 that freed the serfs of the Russian Empire. The growing peasant revolts had convinced him of need for reform. The final edict was a compromise and did not satisfy the peasants. It granted personal liberties, but the process to acquire land was slow and expensive. Still, had big psychological impact. Alexander III: halted reforms. Believed in AUTOCRACY: A government has total power over people’s lives. No one can question the absolute power of the czar. Pursued RUSSIFICATION: forcing non-Russian people’s (such as the Polish) to adopt Russian language and customs. Worship only in Russian Orthodox Church, speak only Russian. Slogan: autocracy, orthodoxy, nationality. Enforced with: censorship, even of private letters; exile to Siberia. Made Russia a police state of spies and informers. Pogrom: Organized violence, legalized hate crimes against specific groups of people. Ex: Jews. Police do nothing to stop looting of Jewish homes. Nicholas II : The last czar of the Romanov line, which had ruled Russia for 300 years. He stubbornly maintains autocracy, like his father Alexander III, unlike his grandfather Alex II. Indulges in luxuries, like Faberge eggs. Czarina Alexandra
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Russia Study Guide2 - Russia Study Guide Alexander II...

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