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WWI Equipment Essay - World History Honors WWI Equipment...

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World History Honors 2/19/07 WWI: Equipment and Rations World War I was a war that saw major technological advances in weaponry. The great numbers of combatants and the development of trench warfare fueled the search for more and better weapons. They included bolt-action rifles, automatic machine guns, rapid-firing heavy artillery, mortars, hand grenades, handheld flamethrowers, steel helmets, camouflage uniforms, and saw-toothed bayonets. But not every army had the same types of these new weapons. The most common weapon in WWI was the rifle, given to all infantrymen when they entered the service. The bolt action allowed troops to load five cartridges at once and to fire them consecutively. Each nation had its own type of rifle, but one of the most popular was the Springfield, made in Springfield, Massachusetts. As one Marine said, “It was a great weapon. Not only was it accurate, but it rarely jammed,” even though “we were always living in dirt…” The weapon that caused the most deaths in WWI was the machine gun. At the start of the war, the machine gun had to be cranked to fire. But with the automated machine gun, bullets were fed in by pulling a trigger. The Germans increased their machine guns to six per battalion. Men running out of trenches to attack would get mowed down by waiting enemy machine guns.
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WWI Equipment Essay - World History Honors WWI Equipment...

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