Air polluticion in Mexico

Air polluticion in Mexico - animal tests and involve only...

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Air polluticion in Mexico Mexico City once topped lists of places with the worst air pollution in the world. Although efforts to curb emissions have improved the situation, tiny particles called aerosols still clog the air. Now, atmospheric scientists from UC San Diego and six other institutions have sorted through the pall that hangs over the city to precisely identify aerosols that make up the haze and chart daily patterns of changes to the mix.
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Effects of Pollutant on the Urban Population : According to the nature of the pollutant, concentration levels and the period of exposure, the effects of pollution can range from a little irritation to acute sickness or even to premature death. To evaluate the effects of pollutants, two approaches are used: Toxicological experimental studies relying mostly on
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Unformatted text preview: animal tests and involve only few human probands. Epidemiological studies, based on the measurable effects on the health of people when naturally exposed to a particular pollutant. The exposure time for human experiments is usually limited because of possible damage to health. Epidemiological studies can help to evaluate chronic, long-term effects impact on health The researchers focused on health hazards posed by the most serious pollutants: PM10 and ozone. PM10 comes from various sources, including road construction and dust, diesel trucks and buses, forest fires, and the open-air burning of refuse. Both pollutants can irritate eyes, cause or aggravate respiratory and cardiovascular ailments, and lead to premature death...
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Air polluticion in Mexico - animal tests and involve only...

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