Minervas IC - 159233: Assignment 1 2010 Due: Worth: Minimum...

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159233: Assignment 1 2010 Due: 20/4/2010 Worth: 20% Minimum required mark: 8/20 Penalty per day late: 1 mark Evolution has a dark side. In the real world, it operates on finches, eyeballs, and pentadactyl limbs, but in the world of faery, evolution works on magic. Minerva Tiniasdóttir is one of the most recently evolved spirit beings, a Telegnome, or Fone Fairy (please don’t call her a Nokia Nymph; it’s so daemeaning). In her physical form, she seems unremarkable, just another short, ugly, gnome with an über-stylish haircut. But when she converts to fone fairy form, she becomes a creature of pure energy. Sometimes she slides along the wires like a skier, carving her way elegantly from exchange to exchange, following the path of a telephone call between caller and callee. Sometimes she is pure electromagnetic radiation, pulsing down the optic fibres at a rate too great to be understood. Sometimes she allows herself to be transported by the cellphone network, relishing the delicious full-body tickling sensation when handover occurs at the cell boundaries. Adapting to the various cellphone protocols is no challenge to Minerva. She is as comfortable travelling along an old analog 1G link as along encrypted GSM link. She can hitchhike on an SMS text message or a phone call with equal facility. It takes just under a second to settle into the phone when she first arrives, and then she's ready to manifest into her physical form. But there is one fly in Minerva's ointment. Once she’s settled in, she can accomplish
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Minervas IC - 159233: Assignment 1 2010 Due: Worth: Minimum...

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