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Monica R. Almeida February 16, 2009 IV-Clare Physics-Lecture Red Spots in the Room At a first glance, it seems that the shot is taken from the room itself. Actually,  the picture is only the reflection of the mirror. Mirror images are virtual,  upright and same size but it has one defect, lateral reversal which denotes  that the left of the object is the right of the image and vice versa. That is why  in this picture, it seems that the picture is taken from the room itself. Also,  another interesting piece in this picture are the red spots. This was contrived  by pointing the laser towards the mirror. As we all know, reflection occurs as 
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Unformatted text preview: long as light hits a smooth surface called a mirror. In this case, light hit the mirror then it bounced off the cabinet, which in turn, the light that hit the cabinet also was reflected to the door. It means that the cabinet is a smooth surface, too that’s why the light is reflected. This picture can actually change our perception about mirrors – that not only the flat glass painted with silver on one side can be considered as mirrors, but also any material which is polished. COMMENTS:...
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