Checkpoint Week 4 Plagiarism

Checkpoint Week 4 Plagiarism - The writer spent a great...

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First thing I would do would be sure to pull the student aside so as not to embarrass them in front of the class. I would then tell the student that the work they submitted came up as 100% match for plagiarism in the plagiarism checker, and I would show them the report so they could not deny it. If it is the first time the student has submitted a paper that is plagiarized then I would give them a warning and have them re-write the paper the correct way, with a point reduction, I would also explain to them that plagiarism is dishonest because it is stealing another writer's intellectual knowledge, a good way to explain this would go something like this;
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Unformatted text preview: The writer spent a great deal of time, effort, and money to acquire their intellectual "possessions", through learning and personal development. This isn't any different than working to save money to buy things such as a house or a car. In turn when you steal someone's intellectual knowledge it is like stealing their car or home that they worked very hard to acquire. I would then ask the student how they would feel if someone copied their work and tried to claim it as their own? Other forms of academic dishonesty is having someone else do the work and then you yourself take credit for it or cheating on exams....
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