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My Student Survival Guide - My Student Survival Guide By...

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My Student Survival Guide By Shauna Wright September 20,2009 Using Axia's Educational Resources I will be using the Axia Library for research on assignments, especially once I get into the Healthcare classes. I also use the online tutorials provided by Axia in order to keep up on my grammar, writing etiquette, and math. I'll also be using the Grammar Review option when I have to write papers, so that I know what I need to work on and if my papers make sense or not. Upholding Academic Honesty I love having the plagiarism checker, as I do use the internet for research and help on my work, it comes in handy when I need to make sure that I am interpreting things in my own words and not making my work similar to what I am using for research. I also like that if I do quote someone else's work, and forget to use quotations and notations, that when I submit it to the plagiarism checker it will let me know what is a direct quote and I can fix the paper. Setting and Achieving Goals I have set quite a few goals for myself in the past couple of months, some I have accomplished such as: fixing my car, training to become a department manager at work, going back to school, and losing weight. I have future goals which consist of : finishing my Associates Degree in Nursing within 2 years, losing more weight within the next year, and obtaining a job in a Pediatrician's office within the next 3 years as a Pediatric Nurse. I have a timeline set up in my head,
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My Student Survival Guide - My Student Survival Guide By...

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