Reading and Comprehension Checkpoint week 7

Reading and Comprehension Checkpoint week 7 - Extraneous...

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464 words per minute. Avoid Info Overload Practice Delivery Use Simple Slides I was interested in reading the selection, as for my other class I have to do a PowerPoint presentation as my final project. Any information I can get between now and week nine will be extremely helpful in building my project. My reading setting was in my living room, and to minimize distractions I tune everything around me out and concentrate on only what I am reading, I do basically the same thing when I am involved in a good book. I read the article for practical application as I will be using the information for another assignment. I also read for critical evaluation and to understand the information. I did have to read some areas more than once to comprehend what was being said.
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Unformatted text preview: Extraneous- introduced or coming from without; not belonging or proper to a thing; external; foreign: irrelevant, not pertinent In other words you want to be able to keep your thoughts clear. Write down unrelated thoughts and handle them later, this way you can stay on topic. Compartmentalize - to divide into categories or compartments Use this in order to plan times to do things, such as, studying and hanging out with friends. Keep a schedule or calendar, it may seem weird, but knowing when you can go out and have fun, and when you need to be studying, can help you achieve your academic goals by allowing you to see what is priority and what is not....
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