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My opinion of the audio appendixes , digital stories, and tutorial is that I do not like them one bit. I much prefer everything in writing as I am a very visual learner and have a comprehension disability. I find that being able to read something over and over is a lot easier than having to stop the audio version and try to find the spot that I need repeated, many of the audio formats do not have the option to stop it, and you have to wait until then end to replay it and listen for the part you missed or need further assistance on. If there is a word used that you don't understand then you cannot just copy and paste it,(if you're unsure of the spelling or what exactly the speaker said), into a dictionary program to get the definition. If you don't
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Unformatted text preview: understand the wording used in the audio version you cannot visually look for a different way to word what was said so that you can understand it easier. Also not all of the dictators speak clearly which can also make it very hard to understand what is being said, or they speak too fast which makes it difficult to follow the story line, or directions. I can definitely say that in the time that I will be a student at Axia I will never use the audio versions of an assignment, tutorial, or appendix if there is a written option available to me....
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