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Elevator Speech - through the forum basically the same as...

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My sister called recently to ask me how I was going to college and how I was paying for it...this led to the discussion of how Axia works. I let her know that the University if Phoenix offers some great programs to get grants and loans to help people go back to school. She then asked how an online classroom works. I told her we have a forum which is used for our threaded discussions, of course she wanted to know what a threaded discussion was so I explained to her how we have different forum posts that allow us to post and reply to posts in the form of asynchronous communication...to which she responded,"huh?". So I let her know that asynchronous communication is a way of talking to my instructor and classmates
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Unformatted text preview: through the forum, basically the same as having a conversation through email, she understood what I meant then. She also wanted to know how I know how well I'm doing and what I may need help on, I told her I get a lot of feedback from my instructor in my individual forum, which is where I can communicate with my instructor privately. I also let her know that I also get feedback from other classmates in the Chat Room forum, which is where we can discuss our assignments. She really likes the idea of having classes online and is looking forward to joining the college as soon as she gets her GED....
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