Multiple Intelligences Checkpoint

Multiple Intelligences Checkpoint - it's almost as though...

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MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES CHECKPOINT Link 1 : Link 2 : Link 3 : A visual-spatial learner learns by seeing images of things. They are very good at following written directions, as long as they are detailed correctly. A visual learner is good at building things, doing puzzles, and they are usually very creative individuals. They visualize what they are reading or hearing, so they can better absorb the information. Site one seems to hit visual-spatial learning right on the nose. I visualize everything I read, I also visualize stories that people tell me. I do to work into play, typically by timing myself to see how long it takes me to complete a project. If I see something out of place at work I have to put it back immediately as it bothers me a lot. Site two also describes visual-spatial learning quite well. I agree with everything in the comparison list,
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Unformatted text preview: it's almost as though they are describing me. I love the line "creates unique methods of organization", I "organize" messes, for example, my desk may look messy, but I know right where everything is, and I also know if someone moves or touches anything on my desk right away. Site 3 I agree with some of the description of visual-spatial learning, what I don't agree with is that visual-spatial learners are "gifted". We are not gifted, nor are we any more intelligent than a different kind of learner. Visual-learners have a hard time comprehending words, which makes it hard to accomplish an assignment, or to follow spoken directions at work. These problems can lead to low grades in school, and less chance of promotions or being trusted with a difficult task at work. I definitely do not agree that all visual-spatial learners are highly intelligent....
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Multiple Intelligences Checkpoint - it's almost as though...

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