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In what ways are expository essays similar to business communication? In what ways are they different? What part do facts play in the expository essay? What part does opinion play? Explain your answers Expository essays and business communication are similar to a point. They both require use of evidence, examples, and/or facts to explain about certain topics. In the business world you would use evidence to prove what you may be trying to say in a business meeting, evidence could include; graphs, tables, or drawings. Facts would be bits of information that you have gathered in your research for the meeting topic. Also when you speak at a business meeting, or to business acquaintances , you must be unbiased in order to avoid stepping on people's toes. The difference is that in an expository essay you are spelling out how to do something. You would probably bullet or number your steps on how to do something, also it would be broken into more paragraphs to describe each
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Unformatted text preview: step. In an expository essay, facts are used to provide proof of research of information used, you could provide links to websites or book references with these facts. In an expository essay you would more than likely provide your opinion on the topic. You would talk about how you feel about the facts you have provided, maybe whether or not you have tried out what you are writing about. If I were to write about how to lose weight, I would test the diet I am about to try, and then write my opinion of how well it works. I would re-enforce the facts that I find true to their words, and I would let people know what facts didn't work out so well for me. If the diet includes recipes for meals, I would state my opinion of how good the meals are, and whether or not I believed they helped in my goal of losing weight. I think that by combining facts and opinions in an expository essay, could result in a very well written, informative paper....
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