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Steps in Writing Process Checkpoint

Steps in Writing Process Checkpoint - I have to correct it...

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These processes differ from the ones I have used in the past, because I never have used many of them before taking these classes. The only process I typically use is the free writing process, I always pre-write my papers and then go over them, moving information around so that it makes more sense to the reader. This process, as I understand it is the outlining process, which is organizing the information. Then I revise the paper and re-write it to make sense, I also do more research if needed in different areas. I also now use the paper checker on Axia to check my papers before I turn them in to be sure they make sense, I always use spell checker also. I think the most difficult step for me would be brainstorming, if I make a mistake, even in the rough draft,
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Unformatted text preview: I have to correct it immediately. I'm not sure why, but I do. In order to overcome this I could work on forcing myself to continue on with the paper. I always proof-read as I am writing, which is probably why I tend to put too much detail into essays that I write, if I see something and I don't think the reader will understand it, then I tend to spell out the meaning in detail. In order to overcome this I will need to become more focused on just writing and not re-reading everything. I'm not quite sure how to completely overcome this as it seems to be an automatic thing for me to double-check my work as I go. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated....
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