Check point Com 140 week 6

Check point Com 140 week 6 - the document was about. The...

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Creating Effective Documents 1 Axia University of Phoenix Creating Effective Documents
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Kayla 1/7/2010
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Creating Effective Documents 3 Three tips that can be used to create an academic document, one is the usage of italic words to stress key points in the document. Try to avoid using a lot of italics because the point that is trying to make may come across a bit harsher than what was intended. Headers and footers are effective when writing an academic paper. It shows professionalism in a written document. Adding these will provide the reader with an easy way to locate the document, and when the reader comes back to the document at a later time it will provide a refresher to remember what
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Unformatted text preview: the document was about. The most important reason to add the header and footers is that it keeps the document professional, and organized. One thing that will make the academic document appear less important is using multi-column designs. The extra columns do not appeal to the reader or catch the reader’s attention. Using one column in the document compared to using three, four, or even five does not change how the reader is going to perceive the information. It seems that multi-columns is a technique used by people to fill a blank page. In my opinion, the idea seems quite tacky, and everything looks disorganized....
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Check point Com 140 week 6 - the document was about. The...

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