MICRO - class 1 - willingness to pay and continuing until...

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Sept 15 EXAMPLE: There are 10 agents: all need a corneal transplant to improve their vision other agents do the surgery 8 corneas available (supply restriction scarcity) Know for a fact: what the most each agent is willing to pay for a cornea. Scenario 1: you control the distribution (sale) of corneas. Find a way to allocate the 8 corneas so that your revenue is greatest. By construction resale is not possible. This gives you the option of charging different people different prices. Auctions: the wealthiest may not pay the max amount they are willing to pay. Solution: extract maximum willingness to pay from agent, starting with the agent who has the greatest
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Unformatted text preview: willingness to pay and continuing until all corneas are allocated. revenue= 10+9+.+3 =52 Perfect price discrimination! Scenario 2: monopoly, resource waste. End up selling 5 or 6 corneas, meaning we wasted 2-3 corneas. Scenario 3: competitive equilibrium determine a price all sellers get $p all buyers pay $p all agents are passive equilibrium nothing is left over no agents want to change conjunction; p* =3, price cannot be higher than 3 you are giving the doctor 1 dollar. Scenario 4: Parado optimality. Impossible to move away from this situation without somebody being worse off....
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MICRO - class 1 - willingness to pay and continuing until...

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