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Unformatted text preview: Bio 201 Spring 2010 1 Posted review questions Week 1 1/25/10 lecture Which of the following is a fundamental property of living organisms on Earth? (a) They are made of cells (b) They contain cell walls (c) They reproduce using RNA (d) They are composed of multiple cells (e) They are descended from animals Which of the following most correctly summarizes the essence of the modern scientific method in its proper temporal order? (a) theory‐>proposal‐>hypothesis‐>experiment (b) experiment‐>hypothesis‐>refine hypothesis‐>theory (c) experiment‐>observation‐>hypothesis‐>observation (d) observation‐>hypothesis‐>experiment‐>refine hypothesis (e) proposal‐>rejection of hypothesis‐>refine proposal‐>experiment 1/27/10 lecture What was the name of the ancient supercontinent that predated "Snowball Earth" (a) Frostyland (b) Gondwana (c) Rodinia (d) Minaratus (e) Pangaea Fill in the blanks: Rock layers help indicate the _____ of a fossil while carbon dating can indicate the ______ of a fossil. (a) size; species (b) nitrogen content; carbon content (c) absolute age; geographic coverage (d) density; half life (e) relative age; absolute age 1/29/10 lecture The domains used in the classification of living organisms are (a) Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (b) Bacteria, Archaea, Eukaryotes (c) Fungi, Plants, Animals, Protists, Bacteria (d) DNA, RNA, Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate (e) Genes, Proteins, Cells, Viruses Eukaryotes appear in the fossil record approximately how many years after prokaryotes? (a) 23 million (b) 230 million (c) 2.3 billion (d) 1.2 billion (e) 3.5 billion CHOOSE THE MOST COMPLETE ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION. TRY TO FIGURE THE ANSWERS OUT YOURSELF WITH THE NOTES AND TEXTBOOK AS YOUR GUIDE. IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK YOUR TA’S DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS ...
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