Bio 201 S09 wkly prac qs wk5

Bio 201 s09 wkly prac qs wk5

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 201 Spring 2010 Posted review questions Week 5 2/22/10 lecture Which two types of flowers do sunflower inflorescences possess? (a) homosporous and heterosporous (b) haploid and diploid (c) disk and ray (d) tubular and linear (e) dorsal and ventral Coconut milk is derived directly from which tissue? (a) pollen grain (b) petal (c) pollen tube (d) endosperm (e) seed coat 2/24/10 exam – no lecture 2/26/10 – no lecture; weather cancellation CHOOSE THE MOST COMPLETE ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION. TRY TO FIGURE THE ANSWERS OUT YOURSELF WITH THE NOTES AND TEXTBOOK AS YOUR GUIDES. IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK YOUR TA’S DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS...
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