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Bio 201 S09 wkly prac qs wk6 v2

Bio 201 s09 wkly prac qs wk6 v2

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Unformatted text preview: Bio 201 Spring 2010 Posted review questions Week 6 3/1/10 lecture A plant that can persist as a bulb and regrow each year is called a/an (a) annual (b) biennial (c) perennial (d) annuphyte (e) tubercle Fill in the blanks: Sieve tube cells have greatly enlarged __________ and are connected to companion cells via __________. (a) mitochondria; flagella (b) chloroplasts; flagella (c) nuclei; plasmodesmata (d) plasmodesmata; plasmodesmata (e) cilia; flagella 3/3/10 lecture Which of the following is not true of the B soil...
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