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04 Team Report_1 - 3 What were your team’s most important...

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Use the back for your Recorder’s report Course.Sec: Team Report Date: Team Name: Self-Assessed Team Grade: Instructor’s Validation: Manager: Homework: Other: Total Grade: Recorder: Homework: Other: Total Grade: Spokesperson: Homework: Other: Total Grade: Strategy Analyst: Homework: Other: Total Grade: 1. In light of the success criteria in today’s activities , what were the most important things your team learned? 2. What is your team still confused about
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What were your team’s most important strengths and why? 4. What are your team’s most important areas for improvement and how can you go about achieving these? 5. What insights did you gain into being a more successful chemistry student or problem solver? Feedback or Questions for the Instructor Feedback from the Instructor...
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