06 Accessing LUCID

06 Accessing LUCID - Accessing LUCID LUCID(Learning and...

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Accessing LUCID LUCID (Learning and Understanding through Computer-based Interactive Discovery) is a web- based assessment system used in this course. To access LUCID, you will need the following. A valid email address , required by all users to receive an initial or new password and to receive email from your instructor. Note that some email providers block email from LUCID. We strongly recommend you use your Stony Brook email at mysbmail.stonybrook.edu. A username , used every time you log in to LUCID. This is the same as your NetID or username for Blackboard, and can be retrieved from your home page in the University’s Solar System at www.stonybrook.edu/it/solar.shtml by clicking “NetID Maintenance” under “Security and Personal Data”. Your institutional ID , used by first time users to register their email address and by all users to request a new password. This is your 9-digit Stony Brook ID that you use to login to Solar. A password
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