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My dreams comprise a vision of what I would like to find If I’m a Group 6 anion, I need an alkaline I’m bound to catch that perfect match and spend a lifetime with ‘im I’ll cling to him so faithfully like chlorine does to lithium I’m hopeful that someday I’ll love a guy so much I’d marry ‘im We’d complement each other like a nitrate group and barium But every now and then I think that I’d much rather be
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Unformatted text preview: Just like a halogen, and see somebody just like me When I was young and lonely I spent all my hours wishing Id drink from 4 to 12 and claim that I was in transition But now its clear if I dont make a bond its just as well I wouldnt have to share myself, Id keep my valence shell Ill get along, Im Fe strong, I hope you like my song! Anonymous contribution from a CHE 132 student....
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