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02 CourseInfo S10v2

02 CourseInfo S10v2 - Information You Need About CHE 132-E...

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1 Information You Need About CHE 132-E General Chemistry II Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, Stony Brook University Spring Semester 2010 Pre-requisites CHE 131, or CHE 129 and CHE 130 (C or higher required). Corequisites MAT 126 or higher, or MAT 125 for those who have taken CHE 130. Drops, Adds, Changes All requests for registration or section changes are handled by Solar System registration web site. Staff Professor David Hanson conducts the MWF class meetings and oversees the course. Talented graduate teaching assistants conduct the weekly Workshop/Recitation sessions. Dr. Troy Wolfskill coordinates the weekly Workshop/Recitation sessions and will help you resolve any issues associated with them. Talented undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants provide help in the Chemistry Learning Center on the third floor, Room 312, of the Chemistry building. Dr. Brad Tooker coordinates the sessions in the Chemistry Learning Center and the Online Quizzes and will assist you with any issues associated with them, but not with the course material. . Office hours and other contact information for the staff are posted on the course Blackboard web site in the Staff Information section. Course Web Site The course web site is located at Stony Brook's Blackboard facility. The url is http://blackboard.stonybrook.edu . Click on the Help for Students line to learn how to log in, and how to change your Blackboard email address to the one that you use. It is very important that you check this site on a regular basis. All sorts of information about the course will be posted there, such as class notes, homework assignments and solutions, previous exams, and various course announcements. It also is important that your Blackboard email address is the one you check regularly because on occasion extremely important items are sent out using the Blackboard email list. Required Items Textbook: Chemistry: The Molecular Science by John Moore, Conrad Stanitski, and Peter Jurs (Thomson Brooks Cole, 3 rd Edition, 2008). Activity book for the workshop/recitation sessions: Foundations of Chemistry by David Hanson (Pacific Crest, 3 rd Edition, 2007). Activity book for the workshop/recitation sessions: Solving Real Problems with Chemistry by John Goodwin, Darlene Slusher, Tom Gilbert, and David Hanson (Pacific Crest, 1 st Edtion, 2009). Scientific calculator, response pad (eInstruction radio-frequency), and 2 two-inch ring binders. Spare batteries for your calculator and response pad, two #2 pencils with erasers for each exam.
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2 The ring binders are needed to hold your homework and printouts of your lecture notes. The response pad ( clicker ) is needed to respond to in-class questions and problems as described below. Details regarding use of the response pad and how to register it are described in a separate document. MWF Class Meetings
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02 CourseInfo S10v2 - Information You Need About CHE 132-E...

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