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W1Assignment - Lydia Holmes Cost Accounting Week 1 Chapter...

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Lydia Holmes Cost Accounting Week 1 ** Each change in chapter assign Chapter 1 - exercises 1-17, 1-20 2 - Design of products a. Cost of redesigning blister packs to make drug container 5 - Marketing b. Cost of videos sent to doctors to promote sales of a new 6 - Customer service c. Cost of a toll-free telephone line used for customer inquir 1 - Research and Development d. Equipment purchased to conduct experiments on drugs y 5 - Marketing e. Payment to actors for a television infomercial promoting 3 - Production f. Labor costs of workers in the packaging area of a produc 5 - Distribution g. Bonus paid to a salesperson for exceeding a monthly sa 5 - Distribution h. Cost of Federal Express courier service to deliver drugs Scorekeeping a. Preparing a statement of the past year's monthly sales fo Attention directing b. Preparing a statement indicating products for which sales Problem solving c. Identifying alternative strategies to reduce warranty costs Scorekeeping d. Preparing a report for the manager of the Lighting Divisio Problem solving e. Analyzing the impact on product costs of design changes Scorekeeping f. Preparing a report recording actual costs incurred during Attention directing g. Preparing a report about how the unit costs of a new pro Scorekeeping h. Preparing a performance report for the shipping departm Problem solving i. Developing alternative strategies to reduce costs for the Attention directing j. Analyzing for the manager of global business developme 1-17 Classify each of the cost itema (a-h) into one of the business functions of the value chain s 1-20 For each of the following activities, identify the main role the accountant is performing - pro
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nment is listed under a new tab ** rs more tamperproof w drug
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