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201 special section application 012310

201 special section application 012310 - S&TS 2011 SOC 2100...

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Four Credit Special Section Application The special section for “What is Science?” will provide interested students with the opportunity to engage with course material in a deeper and more active way. The section will be capped at 15 students to facilitate discussion. Assessment will be done primarily through writing assignments; major writing assignments replace the mid-term and final exam. The course requirements for the four-credit option: (1) Regular attendance of sections; attendance will be taken at Section. Two unexplained absences for section are allowed. Students will also be expected to lead one section discussion as discussed in the syllabus. Attendance/participation is 20% of the grade. a. Some of the section time may involve visits to Cornell laboratories and discussions with Cornell scientists. (2) Weekly “Reading Reflections” of one-double spaced page in length showing engagement with the week’s reading (more details in section); this constitutes 20% of the grade. These reflections
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