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Mid-term essay for special writing section 030810

Mid-term essay for special writing section 030810 - STS...

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STS 2011/SOC 2100, “What is Science? Midterm Essay Assignment 4-credit Writing Section Assignment: Select a scientific controversy from contemporary science (or technology) or the history of science. The controversy can be within a particular science or can be between a “science” and a “non-science.” You may use a controversy we have studied this semester, although if you do, you are required to go above and beyond merely what was covered in class, the assigned reading describing that controversy, or section. You may also pick another scientific controversy that we have not talked about in lecture or section. You essay will address the following question: How can concepts that we have learned in class thus far help us understand this scientific controversy? To properly address this question will require you to use course concepts we have explored thus far. You can include course concepts discussed in lecture and readings up to and including Wednesday, March 17 h . Using at least two course concepts, analyze the selected case and explain how the concepts help us understand the dynamics of the controversy from a critical perspective.
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