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1 Mid-term Study Guide Identification: Using complete sentences, briefly identify (X number) of the following items and state its significance in the context of the course . Write only two to four sentences. IDs listed on mid-term exam will come directly from this list. 1. Evidential context 2. Tacit Knowledge 3. Explicit Knowledge 4. Moral Economies 5. Experimenter’s regress 6. Boundary-work 7. Inductive reasoning 8. Falsifiability 9. CUDOS 10. Epistemic authority 11. Whig History of Science 12. Science as Golem 13. Scientific paradigms 14. Pedagogy 15. Epistemic cultures 16. Rendering practices 17. Inscription devices 18. Algorithmical model of knowledge 19. Enculturational model of knowledge 20. Neutrality of observation
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2 21. Theory-laden observation 22. Professional vision 23. Mitroff’s Counter-norms 24. Serendipity 25. 17 th century empiricism 26. Demarcation criteria 27. Scientific rituals **See next page** Sample Short Answer: Please answer 6 of the following 12 questions. In your response you
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Midterm study guide - 1 Mid-term Study Guide...

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