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STS 2011 What is Science syllabus 031310

STS 2011 What is Science syllabus 031310 - 1 STS 2011/SOC...

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1 STS 2011/SOC 2100: WHAT IS SCIENCE? AN INTRODUCTION TO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Course Instructor: Professor Kathleen Vogel Department of Science and Technology Studies 330 Rockefeller Hall email: [email protected]; 607-255-2248 Class meeting time: 10:10-11:00 a.m. MW + section Classroom location: Goldwin Smith Hall, room 132 Course Description This course introduces students to some of the central ideas in the field of Science and Technology Studies (S&TS). As well as serving as an introduction to students who plan to major in Biology and Society, or in Science and Technology Studies, the course is aimed at students with backgrounds in either the sciences, social sciences, or humanities who are curious to think more critically about what we mean by science and technology, what counts as scientific knowledge and why, and how science and technology intervene in the wider world. It allows students in science and engineering to reflect critically upon their own involvement in science and technology and consider the impact and implications of their work for society. At the same time, it offers students with backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences to develop a critical understanding of the role of science and technology in the world. The kinds of questions this class will explore include: How do we understand “science”? What counts as legitimate science, and what are its practices and norms? How do scientists establish their credibility? How are science and technology shaped by social context? Does technology determine the future? Is “technology” more than just machines? The course is a mixture of lectures, seminar discussions, and other activities. Some lectures will be given by Cornell scientists and engineers and other guests. Also, we will watch some film clips about science and technology and take some tours of Cornell laboratories. Students are expected to complete assigned readings prior to lecture and to attend discussion sections. There is a detailed list of assignments and expectations at the end of the syllabus. Course objectives This course has two primary objectives: To have students identify and understand some key analytic issues and concepts in the field To teach students how to see and examine the social dimensions of how science and technology are developed, used, and discussed. With these objectives, the course is designed to provide students with analytic skills and a base of knowledge for understanding the content and role of science and technology in our contemporary world. Required Readings
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2 Required readings consist of: Course packet (available at Kraftees in Collegetown, see: http://www.kraftees.com/ithaca/) On-line journal articles and other internet material (as specified in syllabus) Two books (also available at Kraftees in Collegetown) o Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch, The Golem: What You Should Know About Science (Cambridge: Canto, 2 nd
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STS 2011 What is Science syllabus 031310 - 1 STS 2011/SOC...

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