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Homework #4 28IT40 Solution

Homework #4 28IT40 Solution - CE486/586 Prestressed...

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CE486/586 Prestressed Concrete Design Nominal Flexural Strength - Strain Compatibility Analysis Section Properties (Gross) ….. Span and Misc Moments ….. A (in2) 736 L (ft) 34.00 I (in4) 93503 M Precast (ft-kip) 110.8 h (in) 40 M SDL (ft-kip) 404.6 yb (in) 15.83 Σ MDL (ft-kip) 515.4 Permanent DL Moment. b comp. (in) 12 wt (plf) 767 Prestressing Strand Strain History and Status ….. w SDL (plf) 2800 ε pe (in/in) 0.005772 Strain at total losses. ε D (in/in) 0.000129 Decompression strain in concrete. Concrete Properties ….. ε 3 (in/in) 0.005236 Equivalent to ε s in a R/C section. f'c (psi) 6000 ε ps (in/in) 0.011137 Ec (ksi) 4420 fps (ksi) 260.3 Use PCI Eq. to represent stress vs. strain. β 1 0.75 Decompression Stress to calc Strain ε 2 ….. Prestressing Strand ….. fc @ dp due to PS 1340 Conc stress at level of strand due to Pe No. Strand 19 fc @ dp due to DL -769 Conc stress at level of strand due to MDL Aps (in2) 2.907 fc @ dp 572 Decompression stress in concrete @ dp. fpu (ksi)
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