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HOMEWORK #7 2010.DOCX CE486/586 Homework #7 Name ____________________ A parking garage is constructed using precast columns, beams and spandrels. This homework will focus on the composite beam design. The 31” Bulb I precast beams span between the columns and are supported on corbels. After the precast erection, the beams are fully shored. Then, falsework is installed between the beams to place a 5.5” cast-in-place (CIP) post-tensioned slab. Once the slab is cured, the post-tensioning is applied to the CIP slab and the shoring and falsework are removed. The post-tensioning is applied perpendicular to the precast beams. The slab and beam is designed as a composite section. The interface is clean and intentially roughened. See the attached detail (PDF file). CONCRETE STRENGTH The concrete strengths are as follows. Precast beam: f` ci = 5400 psi, f` c = 7000 psi, and the CIP slab: f` c = 5000 psi. PRESTRESSING
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