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Projects 2010 - CE486/586 PROJECTS Name As part of your...

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CE486/586 PROJECTS Name ______________________________ Page 1 of 7 As part of your academic experience in CE486/586, you must complete a project. Four (4) projects have been identified and are summarized below. The first three projects are for the undergraduates to choose and the last project is for the graduate students. 1. 20x20 Column . Determine the interaction curve for a reinforced and prestressed concrete cross section. Your task will determine the interaction curve for 20x20 reinforced column and a 20x20 prestressed concrete section. 2. Corbel Analysis and Detail . Precast columns often included corbel details to receive precast beams. The design and detailing of these corbels are critical. Your task is to design and detail a corbel using ACI and PCI techniques. In addition, the corbel will be designed to using ACI’s Strut and Tie Model. 3. Composite RB - Shored Construction . Typical construction of commercial floor systems includes columns supporting beams that carry composite slabs system consisting of hollowcore and a composite topping. Your task is to evaluate the benefits of shored construction. 4. Class C DT Analysis . ACI Building Code allows engineers to specify members that may crack during full service loading, Class T & C. Your task is to evaluate a non-composite DT for this service range. Each team will present a 30 minute power point presentation during the 10 th week of class.
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CE486/586 PROJECTS Name ______________________________ Page 2 of 7 20 x 20 Column – Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Team Members TBD Objective Study and evaluate the axial and moment behavior of a reinforced and prestressed concrete section. Deliverable Develop two interaction curves (moment horizontal axis and axial vertical axis) for a reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete section. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes your design assumptions, details, and the interaction curves. Present the presentation during the 10 week of class and be prepared for questions. Design Assumptions Concrete failure strain is 0.003 Plane sections remain plane Elastic-plastic model for rebar (do not consider strain hardening) Use PCI Design Handbook for stress vs. strain relationship for strand. Account for concrete displaced by reinforcement if located with in the compression block. For example; if the reinforcement has an area of A s and is within the compression block, the force diagram at the level of reinforcement would be the stress in the reinforcement f s times A s less 0.85*f` c times A s .
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Projects 2010 - CE486/586 PROJECTS Name As part of your...

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