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indep_vsrc - height of the water tank and its volume...

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Page 1 Independent Voltage Sources An independent voltage source is an energy source that pushes electrons with a constant force or pressure regardless of the load presented to it. In other words, a 1 volt source will maintain 1 volt between its terminals regardless of the load. The symbol for the voltage source and its V-I curve is shown below. The voltage source symbol must be identified with its positive or negative terminal marked and a value or variable for its voltage. The water analogy of the voltage source shown previously is shown again below. The constant
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Unformatted text preview: height of the water tank and its volume provides the constant (voltage) pressure. Another water analogy is of a constant torque motor driving a water pump. The constant torque motor applies the same force to the pump, yielding a constant water pressure. 10V +-V1 I V 5 15 10 independent voltage source The independent voltage source will source whatever current necessary to maintain a constant terminal voltage. reference designator voltage magnitude +-reservoir water tank V pump constant torque motor water pump +-Voltage source analogies...
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