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Health Psychology-Winter 2009 Syllabus

Health Psychology-Winter 2009 Syllabus - Health Psychology...

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Health Psychology Winter 2009 21:830:424:W1:98246 Instructor: Sarah Savoy, M. A. Department of Psychology Room 111, Smith Hall (973) 353-3931 Class time : MTWThF 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., January 5th-16th Class location : Smith 240 Office hours : TBA Course Objectives : This course focuses on many of the major topics in a rapidly growing field called health psychology. The primary objective of this course will be to develop an introductory understanding of this area emphasizing the social psychology of health and health behavior. This course will also provide a sampling of methods and theories related to health psychology. Class Structure : Each class will be a combination of lecture and discussion. Lectures will be based on topics covered in required readings from the text. Discussion is a crucial part of this class. It is important that all students contribute by participating in class room discussion and activities. In class activities will be designed to advance your knowledge of health psychology and your ability to apply this knowledge to real world situations. Text : Marks, D.F. & Murray, M., et al. (2005). Health Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice Assignments : Readings. Students will be assigned readings that need to be completed for each day of class.
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