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Unformatted text preview: Ph 136a 8 October 2002 CHAPTER 2: KINETIC THEORY Reading: Chapter 2 of Blandford and Thorne. Most of the applications of kinetic theory are in Example Exercises. These Examples are designed to give you some feel for how kinetic theory is used in practice. Some of them are also rather interesting. We urge you to read all Example Exercises as though they were part of the text, even though you will be working only a few of them. Problems A. Exercise 2.3: Observations of cosmic microwave radiation from moving earth. B. Exercise 2.8: Vlasov implies conservation of particles and 4-momentum. C. Exercise 2.7: Equation of state for electron-degenerate hydrogen. Don’t hesitate to use Mathematica or Macsyma or Maple to do the integrals you encounter, or to do any other part of this or any problem. This is not a course on mathematical methods. Our goal is to each you physics. If a problem turns out to involve heavy computations from which you learn little (if the grunge to learning ratio is outrageously high), find...
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