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hw03 - Ph 136 Statistical Mechanics — Homework Read the...

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Unformatted text preview: Ph 136: Statistical Mechanics — Homework Read the text and try to work again through the monatornic gas calculations we went through in class. 1. If you have forgotten (or never knew) classical Inecahnics, work through EX. 3.1 on Canonical Transformations. If you get stuck, consult a standard text like Goldstein. Otherwise do the estimates EX. 3.3 2. EX. 3.2 This should be fairly straightforward if you follow the instruc- tions 3. Ex. 3.4 If you can’t do this in a few lines7 stop and think! 4. If you have not seen this before do EX. 3.7; otherwise attempt EX. 3.5 ...
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