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Ph 136a 23 October 2002 CHAPTER 4: STATISTICAL THERMODYNAMICS Reading: Chapter 4 of Blandford and Thorne. Problems A. Exercise 4.1: Pressure-Measuring Device B. Do Exercise 4.3: Enthalpy Representation for Thermodynamics; if you find it overly difficult, and you are rusty on thermodynamics, instead do Exercise 4.2 on the Energy Representation for a Nonrelativistic Monatomic Gas. C. Do either exercise 3.4 on Latent Heat and Clausius Clapeyron Equation, or exercise
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Unformatted text preview: 4.5 on Electron Positron Equilibrium at Low Temperatures. D. Do either Exercise 4.7 on Fluctuations and Phase Transitions in a Van der Waals Gas (don’t hesitate to use Mathematica or Maple if appropriate), or Exercise 4.8 on Fluctuations of Systems in Contact with a Heat Bath. 1...
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