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hw10 - 2 IF you feel you already understand connection...

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Ph 136a 20 November 2002 CHAPTER 10: ELASTOSTATICS Reading: Chapter 10 of Blandford and Thorne. Problems A. Do: Exercise 10.3, Order of Magnitude Estimates B. Do: 1. Exercise 10.1a, Connection in Cylindrical Coordinates [only part a, not part b], and ALSO Exercise 10.2, Expansion in Cylindrical Coordinates [do only the cylin- drical case, not the spherical case]; OR
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Unformatted text preview: 2. IF you feel you already understand connection coe±cients well, then do Exercise 10.5, Torsion Pendulum. C. Do: 1. Exercise 10.9 Elastica, OR 2. Exercise 10.10 Foucault Pendulum D. Do: 1. Exercise 10.12 Paraboloidal Mirror, OR 2. Exercise 10.4, Fracture of a Pipe 1...
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