BIO305L Animals in Research

BIO305L Animals in Research - Andy Dang Feb 7th 2009 Bio...

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Andy Dang Feb. 7 th , 2009 Bio 305 L/ Tues 5-8pm Colles Price Proper animal care in a laboratory is essential in research to benefit future studies and innovations for man. No matter what can be done, scientists will always have to test, experiment, and perform their research on animals because technology cannot be substituted for live human beings (Dahyia P., 2010). With the research and experimentation performed from the studies on animals, advancements in medicine and treatments, technology, and food and drug testing can then be tested on human beings (Dahyia P., 2010) . Then if favorable results happen, then can be safely distributed and used in society. Animal research has given rise to an important research towards medical advancement. According to the American Medical Association, there is little difference in animals to that of humans (Shandilya, 2008). An example of a medical advancement for the benefit of humans is the development of medicine and technology used to improve our health or save our very lives. Those who have developed serious diseases such as rabies or malaria have been treated or cured
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BIO305L Animals in Research - Andy Dang Feb 7th 2009 Bio...

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