The importance of protein in maintaining fluid

The importance of protein in maintaining fluid - critical...

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The importance of protein in maintaining fluid/ electrolyte and pH balance Proteins are organic compounds that are made of amino acids. Protein is a part of all the body fluids. Proteins are very important in maintaining fluid and PH Balance. Protein is important in order to maintain the body's fluid, electrolyte, and PH balance, the proper intake of protein helps the body to fight infections, disease, and maintain balance (Glendadurbin, 2008). High protein foods are acid forming by nature and their intake causes Acid Ph. Balanced protein intake is essential for maintaining balanced PH of body.PH balance is vital for the human body because it is made up of two-thirds water, the brain is 75% water, the muscles are 75% water, and the human body's blood is 90% water(Glendadurbin, 2008). It is vital for the body to remain hydrated, 80% of the body's fluid needs to come from water, 20% needs to come from food intake, such as fruits and vegetables. It is well known that fluid and electrolyte balance are
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Unformatted text preview: critical to optimal exercise performance and, moreover, health maintenance (Rehrer, 2001). Water, electrolytes and carbohydrates are critical nutrients for the maintenance of normal physiological function and optimal exercise performance (Rehrer, 2001). Foods cause acid PH, and this is essential for maintaining a balanced Ph, because the body is two-thirds water, this assists the nutrients to be transported throughout the body's system (Glendadurbin, 2008). The water based components are either acid or alkaline properties and these properties are measured and called PH. Rehrer, N. (2001). Fluid and electrolyte balance in ultra-endurance sport. Sports Medicine (Auckland, N.Z.) , 31 (10), 701-715. Retrieved from MEDLINE with Full Text database. Glendadubin. (2008). Protein Article . Retrieved from
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The importance of protein in maintaining fluid - critical...

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