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DQ#1 The two common digestive problems that I choose were heartburn and Gallstones. Heartburn can be remedied or relieved with an over-the-counter heartburn drug such as, Pepcid Ac, Tagemet Hb, Axid Ar, Zantac 75, or any antacid medicine can relieve heartburn. If you are experiencing heartburn your physician will probably recommend some lifestyle changes to help control your symptoms (WebMD, 2008). When all else fails, surgery may be required to repair the lower esophageal sphincter. This surgery can now be done using a laparoscope and requires only a short hospital stay (Mohan Md, 2008). In the other hand, gallstones can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, eating regular, balance meals, and exercising regularly (WebMD, 2007). Gallstones are usually treated with surgery to take out the gallbladder. The traditional
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Unformatted text preview: operation is called an open cholecystectomy. A more recently developed procedure, called laparoscopic cholecystectomy, is less invasive, has fewer complications, and is used in most cases (Mohan, 2008). In my personal opinion, I do think home remedies might work better in some occasions than some suggested treatment methods I have read about because I usually consume home remedies when I’m sick such as when my stomach hurts, or when I have a cold. They tend to relieve my pain fast than suggested treatments; well this is me not all people have the same reaction I do. I usually drink herbal tea or Chamomile tea when my stomach or tummy hurts, and I can tell from my personal experience it does work and does relieves the pain fast....
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