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DQ#1 Data and information support human services organizations, just as they do many other businesses, by indicating what the problems are, how to help solve the problems, and by identifying the populations that need help. For example, when planning to provide services data and information can help human services organizations understand the types of problems facing a community as well as the severity of those problems . Data and information is used to compile statistical analysis and related data to programs so that the Department of Health and Human Services may determine what types of programs and funding are needed to provide the services within in the community. Without gathering of information and compiling data, DHS agencies would not be able to assess its programs and plan their budgets accordingly
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Unformatted text preview: . Further, the data and information can also help determine what the best services to provide are. These data can also help in financial planning because by identifying the extent of problems to help with an organization can determine how much it will need to spend, per capita, to help with the problems. Once this is determined, the total cost of programs can be established and planned for. For human resources the data and information can help determine what spets are needed. Sometimes psychological counselors may be needed, sometimes drug counselors may be needed, sometimes attorneys. All data and information can help with these three areas of a service organization determine what needs to be done, how much is needed to afford to do it, and who is needed to do it....
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